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The most Affordable Weight Loss in Bay Area

Our Weight Loss Program

Most Affordable Weight Loss in Bay Area - Overview of our weight loss programs 

Start with a complete metabolic, cardiac and lifestyle evaluation and physical by the physician. This means safe and appropriate weight loss taking into consideration the patient’s lifestyle, health status and health goals. We monitor vital signs, body mass index, and body fat percentage.

B12 injections for energy and fat metabolism. We also provide top of the line oral vitamin supplements

Nutritional education, fitness guidance and behavior modification.

We also help with maintaining the weight loss with natural supplements (ex: magnesium, chromium) to correct basic metabolic functions.

We offer 4 weight loss programs: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Body Key.

(1) Basic Program (FDA approved appetite suppressants)
·         We offer 4 different FDA approved appetite suppressants customized to each patient’s medical requirements.
·         Patients are seen bi-monthly and have had tremendous results when good self-discipline has been practiced.
·         Perfect for people who need a complete understanding of how their metabolism works and how they can live a healthier lifestyle.
·         Lose 2-7 pounds a week.
(2) Intermediate Program (full Optifast or modified Optifast shakes)
·         2 options: Partial OR Complete meal replacement shakes effective for calorie and portion control.
·         Bi-monthly medical lab monitoring of progress.
·         Lose up to 52 pounds in 22 weeks.
(3) Advanced Program (HCG injections and diet)
·         A more comprehensive, higher-intensity program that delivers more significant results. A low-calorie diet is prescribed. Better weight loss results are achieved with this Program.
·         How does HCG work? HCG works by signaling fat release for energy in times of low-calorie intake. This protects the metabolism from slowing down while on a low-calorie program so that you continue to lose fat. Because HCG acts at the level of the brain center to modulate fat release, it may actually reset the metabolism for long lasting results. Your body is actually receiving more than 800-1200 calories due to this fat storage release.
·         Patients are seen on a weekly basis or more based on need.
·         This program is suited for those who have self-discipline issues with appetite and/or are no longer generating results with their current program or have reached a plateau. 
·         Best weight loss and solid, long-lasting, results are achieved with this program.
·         Lose up to 30-45 pounds in 6 weeks (or ½-1 pounds per day) if patients follow program precisely.
  • HCG helps you to
  • Burn Fat Stores while reshaping your body
  • Conserve Lean Muscle Mass
  • Natural Appetite Suppressant
  • Reset Metabolism and Learn to Maintain the healthy body    you deserve
(4) Body Key Kit:
·         Natural weight loss with use of shakes, herbal appetite control chews and metabolism booster.
·         Optional genetic testing through saliva sample sent to lab.
·         Lose 2-5 pounds a week.
Let us know which program you would like information on. We look forward to helping you achieve your weight loss goals.
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  • Before coming to Weight Wise, I was a Size 24 and had low self esteem. Weight Wise helped me lose 42 lbs in 16 weeks! I now wear Size 12 and couldn’t be happier! The program was simple and I did not have to count calories. The vitamin supplements- Lifepak and marine omega are excellent products and gave me a lot of energy. Thank you for my life changing experience Dr. Thakur.


  • I lost 55 lbs using the 3 Step OPTIFAST Program which was simple and without the usual dietary restrictions. I do not have many of the cravings I had before and feel more energetic, uplifted, and sexy. The Optifast program is their best program and the B12 shots were a big plus. Not only did they help me lose the weight but also help me keep it off


  • I am feeling great now that I have lost 30 lbs. I've also lost 6 inches around my waist. The physician and staff are very caring and thorough. I am highly impressed with their services.